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We issue  "WDI Termite Certificates" for real estate transactions on the spot!

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When you are purchasing or refinancing a new home or building, most lending institutions require a recent wood destroying insect report to determine if the property has been damaged by termites or other wood destroying insects. 

Should wood destroying insects or damage is detected, the lending institution usually requires that the property be treated and any structural damage be repaired by a licensed termite control company and home improvement contractor.

A thorough visual inspection is performed to the inside and outside of the house or structure, to include the garage or other out buildings on the property

By law termite inspectors submitting a termite certification can only tell you the condition of the property at the time of inspection, in other words either the property has a wood destroying insect infestation or appears not to have one. Maybe the property has had termite's and a treatment visually appears to have been performed

Termite Inspectors will list any damage observed and make recommendations as to whether a building engineer should be contacted as to the extent of any possible structural damage.

Termite damage listed also includes scarring on wood caused by termite tube's and must be listed as termite damage, no matter how minor this scarring seems to be according to MD state Dept. of Agriculture regulations

All termite certificates issued in Maryland are written on the MD-1 which conforms to to Form NPMA-33 for all real estate transactions. VA, FHA, HUD, Conventional, etc. All pest control operators in Maryland are required by the state of Maryland to use this form.

In typical real estate transactions, it is the buyer or the buyers agent who orders the termite certification, and the seller who is responsible for any treatment or repairs that may need to be performed. We normally issue the report on the spot. We can also mail or fax the report wherever you would like us too.

 Inspections performed for termite certifications are to the visible areas of the property only and do not always guarantee that termites or other wood destroying insects and the possible damage caused by them (old or New) are not present in areas that can not be seen, such as beneath and/or under raised floors or floor coverings, ceilings, paneling, personal items, built ins, or any number of possible obstructions

The importance of having an experienced and knowledgeable Pest Control Inspector do this can be critical. Particularly you when you are making such a huge investment. At AllPest  we have over 30 years experience inspecting structures for possible damage and infestations of wood destroying insects.

Be sure you call on a professional Temite company for an inspection, it is not advisable to get the cheapest guy in town. A termite inspection should be performed by experience technicians. We have the experience.  

The average price range you can expect to pay for a professional real estate inspection including the certificate is $125.00 - $185.00. Should Termites or other wood destroying insects be discovered during the inspection, AllPest will be happy to quote you a treatment estimate

AllPest will provide you a fair and honest inspection report. We will not try to use the opportunity to sell you service's that you do not want, need, or desire.

If the property has been treated in the past and is still under warranty with that company. Try and have the company that did the original treatment issue the certificate, this way you can inquire as to weather the warranty is transferable to you.

Ask the seller to disclose the contact information of the company who did the termite treatment, and always inquire as to any history of previous termite infestations, treatments, termite damage or repairs concerning the property you are about to purchase.

Many homes in the Maryland area either have or have had Termite's, not detecting them during an inspection is by no means a guarantee that termite's are not present or near by.

The only way to be reasonably sure that termite's are in check, is to have your property treated and monitored on a routine basis, or at the very least you should have your home inspected often".

" For a professional and honest termite inspection performed by a state ceritified inspector, give us a call today at 410-288-9300"